Monster Chef

We have a dream, to cook and serve delicious dishes to our loyal HODLers.

Hold $MChef and get auto stacking every time there is a transaction.

New deflationary token with different function.

Transfer – Automatic stacking, add liquidity and burn.

Buy and sell – Automatic stacking, add liquidity and donate to Monster Kitchen.

unique deflationary token

Road Map

Step one

Doing some research to find a  unique smart contracts formula.

Step two
Main Course

First launching on Pancake Swap. Trying to increase the price by doing advertising. The team conducts market research to maximize monsterswap.

Step Three

Audit for next steps and launch Monster Swap.

Another step

Eat the moon.

different function

Tax Fee & Anti Whales

10% tax charged when making a transaction.

3% shared with all holders.

2% go to Liquidity pool.

2% donated to the monsterswap project.

The remaining 3% will be burned when making a transfer, or donated to monsterswap when making a trade at pancakeswap.

0.5% maxsimal transaction from total supply.

2% maxsimal token in wallet from total supply. 


Token Information

Total Supply :
Name : Monster Chef
Symbol : MChef
Decimal : 10

SC : 0xa1df3352d47b72971c5486b02363c1fdebe7575c


5% of the total supply will be given to investors.

Marketing Team

3% of the total supply will be given to marketing team.

Monster Kitchen Funds

2% will be given to Monster Kitchen Funds.

Pancake Swap

40% will be thrown liquidity pool.

Dead Wallet

50% dumped into dead wallet.


Developers rely on Monster Kitchen Funds!

Our Project

Monster Swap

Monster Swap will come up with a unique idea by making cute monsters the main theme. 

All MonsterChef holders who trade on Monster Swap will be tax free. Meanwhile Monster Swap will also cooperate with various other tokens in order to use Monster Swap as a trading platform.